Thankgiving weekend 2017

CH Windsong's Sunfyre v Shelian  X  Sabri's Khaleesi v DakotaSunrise
"Final Fantasy" Litter ~ July, 2000
BISS Ch Philmans Fleetwood Mac  X  Can Ch Whitcam's Mikasa v Sabri

Can. Ch. Sabri's Rinoa, CGC
Sabri's Edea v Pynryj (ptd)
Sabri's Aeris
Sabri's Selphie (Pilot Dog)
Sabri's Quistis (Pilot Dog)

"Wind" Litter ~ March, 2002
BISS Ch Philmans Fleetwood Mac  X  Ch Whitcam's Mikasa v Sabri
Sabri's Crosswind (ptd)
Sabri's Gone With The Wind, UDX
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 "The" Litter ~ April, 2003 
BISS Ch Silhouette's Wise Guy  X  Ch Minalt Blubberhouse Bell, CGC

Ch. Sabri's The Highlander 
Ch. Sabri N LzyHrt's The Kingpin, JH
Sabri's The Prima Dona
Ch. Sabri Silhouette Lzyhrt's Diva
Can. Ch. Sabri N Minalt's The Contessa

"Time" Litter ~ April, 2005
Ch Montwood A Lincoln V Arista, CD NA NAJ  X  Ch Sabri's Rinoa CGC

Ch Sabri's A Linc In Time, TT